Today is a great day!

Hunting season begins and I’ve sold most of my duffel bags. I am working on a square sided duffel bag. It’s really giving me a hard time. I put interfacing in the duffel so it’s really hard to get through the sewing machine. This happens to be one of my problems! I have to feel like I am doing things the right way because if I don’t I can really pick my work apart! I would have to say I am my own worst critique.

I am working with Duck Cloth not just a run of the mill cotton fabric. Duck Cloth does not require interfacing. This cloth will nearly stand on it’s own and it is very durable… I am so used to working with regular fabric it feels as if I am cheating if I don’t line the fabric with  interfacing. I have to learn that it is alright not to interface everything…

Another one of my problems is I always, always make things bigger than expected. Probably because I don’t keep measurements. I don’t use patterns either, so everything I make I design in my mind and then I have to see it in my mind and make it as I go. Over thinking becomes a big time consumer. That probably doesn’t make sense to some but if you follow my blogs you will learn to speak Kim.  lol

I love to design and construct things. I am an impatient designer so, designing and constructing a house would take to long and I would lose interest fast. But Bags (totes, makeup, diaper etc), duffels, purses and other hand sewn items are gratifying to me. I see it… I think it… I construct it… Where am I going with all of this well it’s a quaint little shop on Etsy called CandleRock! I also have a fan page on Face Book Sisters N Stitches. I will include both links on this page if I can figure out how so you can come and visit!


Thanks for hanging in there and reading,


Face book link

Etsy link




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