The 3 Strike law and it’s affects


I couldn’t sleep last night so many things running through my mind. I was thinking about how I can make my shop better, what I can add to attract more shoppers, how to draw people in… Voting and The Three Strikes Law, if the amendments are going to go through, if my son is going to be released from prison, if they are going to consider his crime violent… On and on and on… and no answers…

Then my mind gets stuck on the three strikes law. This law has affected my family and so many others. My son at the age of 29 was sentenced to life in prison. My son was adamant “I did not do what they said I did and I am going to fight”.  He had a public defender who told him in no uncertain terms “The judge will convict you and strike you out”. He upheld his innocents.

My son Rick got one strike and another was pending before the age of 19. His first prison stint he served 11 out of 19 years. He would have got much less time but he wouldn’t give up names. The punishment was a 19 year sentence for a 19 year-old. It was election time so the District Attorney capitalized on a terrible situation.

Rick was in a terribly dysfunctional family. His father was a master manipulator and I (Rick’s mom) was 23 years his junior. Which made matters worse; I was easily manipulated and afraid of this man. My son didn’t have a chance and the three strikes law didn’t help.

The Court Case was unfair. I don’t want to go into everything but, the description of the person who was said to have their foot in the residence was wearing sandals, the other person in the house said it was tennis shoes, and the arresting officer said he was told the suspect had on sandals. My son had on steeled toed caterpillar boots, a white t shirt and jeans pants. The clothing description was wrong; not one person described his clothes; not one of them even came close. Keep in mind it was 11:00 Pm. The closest street light was approximately 20 feet away and there was a ¼ moon. However, the people had no problem describing his all black prison done tattoos, but didn’t identify his white t-shirt why you ask? Well, it was because one of the guys in the house worked with my son at a local company. This is the person he was there to talk to. My son also wore an eye patch; which, was a well know fact he lost an eye and didn’t have a prosthetic one. Again the testimony was confused one person said it was on right eye, the other said the left eye… So many things didn’t add up in this case yet he was convicted to life. I know my son and yes I know he was there, did he have his foot in the door? I seriously doubt it… I think there wasn’t much truth in play in this trial on either side. This is not my question; my question is did he deserve life???? 

The judge deliberated exactly five minutes to determine a man’s life. FIVE Minutes… Wow, it was that easy to determine a human beings fate. If my son didn’t have 1 strike and another pending he would have done 3 years in prison. I feel 3 years in prison is the true deserving sentence for what he done. He shouldn’t have went to this persons house, he shouldn’t have been with his ex-wife, he shouldn’t have been drinking, He shouldn’t have been yelling in front of their house, all of this being true. But do we put this person in prison for life? I think the punishment should fit the crime!

I would like to say even if he wasn’t my son just another person I don’t know I would feel the same. Crime and punishment needs to fit. I have read several stories that are similar. I have read stories where the suspect stole something and got life because of 2 other strikes. Is this where we want to spend our hard earned money? The Government is taking from our school, healthcare, and other much needed programs to fund 3 strikers… 

There are privately ran prisons and this is their schemes

Check out this website, and keep in mind these are not Government Prisons these are privately owned and operated Prisons


This is a off subject but this is what I felt in my heart to write. Thanks for reading.





Who is the person behind the design?

I try to put a little of me in every design; well, I mean my personality. Not anything weird like my blood, or  a finger nail.  Nothing like that! No worries, I may say I put my blood, sweat and tears into my work but it is totally metaphorical. I promise! Although you might find a hair, but that will be purely coincidental, not intentional.  I do have crazy hair… lol

So, with that being said; I think I am a funny, witty, intelligent and a charismatic person. I am a hippie; I was born in the 60’s, I like tie dye, the darker colors, I love to recycle and up-cycle. I like being different; I don’t want to be typical. Normal is so underrated and boring. I have pierced ears, 3 holes on each side and I  like wearing different earrings in everyone of them. I wear mismatch socks on a constant basis. I don’t want to be weird; I just want to be different. But if you think I am weird that’s alright too! 🙂 Don’t worry be happy!

I probably think way to hard about things but, that’s me! When I make something I put my heart and soul into it. If it is not my best I will not put it in my shop. I make everything as if it were being made for my Grandma! She was my hero! I would never want to disappoint her… May she rest in peace, she is greatly missed!

I believe in God, but I feel you have the right to believe in who or whatever you want to… I have a relationship with my God and it is between us. Politics… hmm… How can I put this mildly? Well, I think they all lie. They stand in front of people and say what you want to hear and then when elected… where did the promises go? Is things better? Did the person stand up for his/her beliefs when being shot down by congress? Probably not he/she just became another yes man/woman… Democracy??? Look at this I put politics and God together… hmm… I think I’m on to something. Notice I said God, not religion. There has to be a balance… OK I’m moving on.

I am a Chevy and Dodge person! Although I have a Chevy Impala and it’s the worst Chevy I have ever owned. The Engine has plastic parts. The heater hoses have plastic elbow’s where they connect to the engine… The engine is a 3.8 and Do Not Buy the Chevy with the 3.8 Engine. It’s a pain in the rear! Oh and it also comes in other vehicles… If it is a General Motors Vehicle Check the Engine Size!

Friends? Well, I really don’t have any because they are all my family. I have known my non-biological family for years. Their children call me aunt, or grandma; depending on the circumstances. I adopt all children. lol I have lost touch with some of my adopted children. They grow up and move on… Just like bio kids.

Children? I have 3, a girl and 2 boys. I have a son (Rickey) who is 34, another son (BJ) who is 26 and my daughter (Kaitlynn) who is 23. And yes, they each have one child. My oldest son has a daughter (Kimberly) she is 15, my middle son has a 3 year-old-son (Wyatt), and my daughter has a 4 year old son (Payton). I will be talking about them more in later blogs.

Well, a little or a lot about me, I hope you enjoyed. Please feel free to comment! Thank you for reading,


Have a wonderful and Blessed Day!



Kim aka CandleRock

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Happy Monday!Ho…

Wyatt at the monster truck show

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend?

My family and I went to the Monster Truck Show in Red Bluff, Ca… It was the first one for my grandson Wyatt who just turned three in September. We were worried because when Wyatt was younger loud noises hurt his ears. So, we were concerned about the loud sounds of the trucks. However, he was fine. He had a wonderful time and he was such a good boy!

There was a time set aside for all of the fans to go and meet the drivers of these Monster Trucks. Wyatt had 2 checkered flags and went around the circle and had the drivers sign his flags. Some of the drivers, Wyatt would stand beside to get a picture and some he wouldn’t. When he did stand beside a driver he didn’t get too close. It was really funny…

Ah… The feeling was so wonderful as I saw his face light up when those trucks came roaring onto the track and when I say roar, I do mean roar!  I asked Wyatt which truck was his favorite? He said “All of them Nana, I want them All”! He was so excited he kept giving his Daddy kisses and hugs.

We had the best seats in the house. Thanks to Wyatt’s, Poppa, my husband (Miles). The trucks were coming right at us. I felt mud hit me a few times. Wyatt was standing on the rail in front of our seats the whole time. I don’t think he sat down one time. His eyes were glued on the track. He was clapping, yelling and waving his flag. It was great…

I posted a video to my blog so you can see how cute my grandson, Wyatt is  and how he was giving his daddy kisses!!! The video is at the top of the page. I hope the link works…

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear about your weekend, or how cute your kids, or grand kids are or just to say Hi!


Have a great day,



Old & New Challenges

Good Morning,
Have you ever had enough courage to try something new? Today I am going to try to make a diaper from a pattern. Sounds easy enough right? Well, we will see. So, recently I bought a pattern, and my intentions are to use it. Now, reading a pattern for me is like trying to read the Greek written language. Not to mention I am a visual and kinesthetic learner who has ADD.
Can anyone relate? Trying to focus on one thing for any period of time becomes a great challenge. Which, I haven’t overcome yet. If I see something done in motion I can do it. If I read something I might as well be reading another language, because in a sense I am. How to deal with these issues, well, I use You-tube tutorials and E-how has some great video tutorials. You do have to search and view several tutorials until you find the right one you can connect to. I have noticed some of the tutorials are vague or they go too fast. Be patient and continue to search you will find one that works for you.
I know Patients is a huge word for me too; I bet I am close to the world’s most impatient person. I want to find what I’m looking for immediately and know how to do it the first time; well that doesn’t work for me. I must watch a video clip 20 times before I start a project. Because, I want to do it right the first time so I don’t have to rip the whole thing out or even worse scrap the project and start over; I have been there and done both.
Oh and did I mention I am a procrastinator? I will procrastinate on starting a project for hours. I will do the dishes, take out the trash, do the laundry and then I get frustrated with myself because I realize, yes, those things needed to be done, but I am avoiding my project. Yes, I do a lot of self talk. But now worries I don’t answer myself yet. lol
Well, This is my adventure for the day.
I hope to hear some reply’s on how you relate to some of these issues and ideas of how to deal with them.
Thanks for taking the time to read, and I hope you have a great and Blessed Day,
Kim, pic below is me!
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