The 3 Strike law and it’s affects


I couldn’t sleep last night so many things running through my mind. I was thinking about how I can make my shop better, what I can add to attract more shoppers, how to draw people in… Voting and The Three Strikes Law, if the amendments are going to go through, if my son is going to be released from prison, if they are going to consider his crime violent… On and on and on… and no answers…

Then my mind gets stuck on the three strikes law. This law has affected my family and so many others. My son at the age of 29 was sentenced to life in prison. My son was adamant “I did not do what they said I did and I am going to fight”.  He had a public defender who told him in no uncertain terms “The judge will convict you and strike you out”. He upheld his innocents.

My son Rick got one strike and another was pending before the age of 19. His first prison stint he served 11 out of 19 years. He would have got much less time but he wouldn’t give up names. The punishment was a 19 year sentence for a 19 year-old. It was election time so the District Attorney capitalized on a terrible situation.

Rick was in a terribly dysfunctional family. His father was a master manipulator and I (Rick’s mom) was 23 years his junior. Which made matters worse; I was easily manipulated and afraid of this man. My son didn’t have a chance and the three strikes law didn’t help.

The Court Case was unfair. I don’t want to go into everything but, the description of the person who was said to have their foot in the residence was wearing sandals, the other person in the house said it was tennis shoes, and the arresting officer said he was told the suspect had on sandals. My son had on steeled toed caterpillar boots, a white t shirt and jeans pants. The clothing description was wrong; not one person described his clothes; not one of them even came close. Keep in mind it was 11:00 Pm. The closest street light was approximately 20 feet away and there was a ¼ moon. However, the people had no problem describing his all black prison done tattoos, but didn’t identify his white t-shirt why you ask? Well, it was because one of the guys in the house worked with my son at a local company. This is the person he was there to talk to. My son also wore an eye patch; which, was a well know fact he lost an eye and didn’t have a prosthetic one. Again the testimony was confused one person said it was on right eye, the other said the left eye… So many things didn’t add up in this case yet he was convicted to life. I know my son and yes I know he was there, did he have his foot in the door? I seriously doubt it… I think there wasn’t much truth in play in this trial on either side. This is not my question; my question is did he deserve life???? 

The judge deliberated exactly five minutes to determine a man’s life. FIVE Minutes… Wow, it was that easy to determine a human beings fate. If my son didn’t have 1 strike and another pending he would have done 3 years in prison. I feel 3 years in prison is the true deserving sentence for what he done. He shouldn’t have went to this persons house, he shouldn’t have been with his ex-wife, he shouldn’t have been drinking, He shouldn’t have been yelling in front of their house, all of this being true. But do we put this person in prison for life? I think the punishment should fit the crime!

I would like to say even if he wasn’t my son just another person I don’t know I would feel the same. Crime and punishment needs to fit. I have read several stories that are similar. I have read stories where the suspect stole something and got life because of 2 other strikes. Is this where we want to spend our hard earned money? The Government is taking from our school, healthcare, and other much needed programs to fund 3 strikers… 

There are privately ran prisons and this is their schemes

Check out this website, and keep in mind these are not Government Prisons these are privately owned and operated Prisons


This is a off subject but this is what I felt in my heart to write. Thanks for reading.





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