Family and great times

wyatt in his mc gear

My son (BJ) decided to buy my grandson (Wyatt) a dirt bike. The dirt bike is only a 50 and it has training wheels, he says… Well, Wyatt is becoming an all star on it! It’s so cute BJ is so nervous he would walk beside Wyatt. Wyatt got a little more confident so, he started jogging beside him, now he is running beside Wyatt and can’t keep up… “I have to get a something faster than my feet to keep up with Wyatt, Noelle…” BJ to his fiancée… lol

On Sunday when we went to the field so Wyatt could ride his dirt bike and at first it was Me (Kim) my man Miles, BJ, son) Wyatt, (grandson), and Noelle, (daughter-in-law). We are there for a short time and along comes Walter and Jenny, BJ and Noelle’s friends. Jenny brought her 80 out to ride. Then here comes Marla her husband and 2 boys. Then next is Elmo, Tori, Rachelle, and Emery, Marla’s son and his wife, also friends of BJ and Noelle. Tori and Elmo’s daughter Rachelle has a 50 as well.

I had a wonderful time watching the kids ride their bikes and their dad’s intently follow along, teaching them on the kid’s level as they go; warning them not to hit the ruts or big rocks, asking the kid’s how do you stop? the kids would answer and the dad would say “show me how you stop…” Ok then lets ride… Wyatt was such a good boy he shared his dirt bike with Rachelle, because her dirt bike didn’t have training wheels yet. Rachelle started out slow because she is just learning, but let me tell you she learned fast….

Tori and Noelle agree “there’s nothing sexier than a great dad”.

We are so blessed with the great friends and family!

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