Me and my son BJ at his Graduation

Me and my son BJ at his Graduation

Me and my son BJ at his Graduation

The guy who was responsible for me learning to sew

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Today is a great day!

Hunting season begins and I’ve sold most of my duffel bags. I am working on a square sided duffel bag. It’s really giving me a hard time. I put interfacing in the duffel so it’s really hard to get through the sewing machine. This happens to be one of my problems! I have to feel like I am doing things the right way because if I don’t I can really pick my work apart! I would have to say I am my own worst critique.

I am working with Duck Cloth not just a run of the mill cotton fabric. Duck Cloth does not require interfacing. This cloth will nearly stand on it’s own and it is very durable… I am so used to working with regular fabric it feels as if I am cheating if I don’t line the fabric with  interfacing. I have to learn that it is alright not to interface everything…

Another one of my problems is I always, always make things bigger than expected. Probably because I don’t keep measurements. I don’t use patterns either, so everything I make I design in my mind and then I have to see it in my mind and make it as I go. Over thinking becomes a big time consumer. That probably doesn’t make sense to some but if you follow my blogs you will learn to speak Kim.  lol

I love to design and construct things. I am an impatient designer so, designing and constructing a house would take to long and I would lose interest fast. But Bags (totes, makeup, diaper etc), duffels, purses and other hand sewn items are gratifying to me. I see it… I think it… I construct it… Where am I going with all of this well it’s a quaint little shop on Etsy called CandleRock! I also have a fan page on Face Book Sisters N Stitches. I will include both links on this page if I can figure out how so you can come and visit!


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Here for Today


how is everyone doing today? My day is going pretty good. This is my first blog; ever… So, please bare with me as I figure out the in’s and out’s of blogs. 

Hi again, I decided to grab my mini frosted donuts and check out some blogs and how they were written. While reading one of the blogs which brought me to tears, because the blog discussed the loss of a loved one. I can totally relate; my sister has Leukemia and soon she will be with Jesus… With tears streaming down my face as I read this touching story I could feel the love these two people had shared and how much he missed her. (Jackie) So heart wrenching. When I was finished reading I realized I had ate the rest of the bag of chocolate donuts. So… not good for one’s figure. I don’t think I’m going to eat and read any more. 

So, I have read all kinds of blogs and I have figured out there is no wrong or right way to write a blog. Just do it. So my next post hopefully will be more interesting and focus on issues I intended to address instead of my ADD kicking in. Thanks for reading.